It might be the last place you’d expect animals and humans to live in harmony: The Port of Rotterdam and Port of Moerdijk. This paradox is the topic of the documentary film: Wild Port of Europe – De Nieuwe Wildernis 2.0. The film explores how these polar opposites can coexist as neighbors in the busiest port of Europe. See how flora, fauna and industry call Rotterdam their home.

The documentary takes the perspective of the animals living in the port. Nature’s resourcefulness takes center stage. Mammals, birds and fish adapt in extraordinary ways to create their breeding grounds. Take for instance a pair of kestrels which have made their nest in between shipping containers.

The port is also home to a large seal population. Over 2.500 seals have settled in areas where no men are allowed. From their sandbanks their welcome ships into the harbor, making them the hosts of Rotterdam.

The sharp contrast and harmony between nature and industry is captured in stunning imagery by EMS FILMS and Veldkijker. They expect the film to open sometime during the fall of 2021. Stick around for the latest on the Wild Port of Europe at Rotterdam Make It Happen.

Port of Rotterdam Authority

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