BlueCity launches an online tour that allows visitors from far and wide to take a look behind the scenes in the 12,000 m2 circular exemplar city, situated in the heart of Rotterdam. The online tour was developed to provide organizations and educational institutions with the possibility to immerse themselves in the circular economy, even in times of social distancing.

In this way, BlueCity puts Rotterdam on the map as a place to be for innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. And because the tour is provided with English subtitles, people from all over the world can come and see how we implement this new way of economic thinking.

During the tour, visitors are guided through this alternative economic system in an accessible way and get to take a look around in the iconic building in which BlueCity is located. That is, the former subtropical swimming paradise Tropicana. This provides a unique backdrop
(literally and figuratively) and the rebuild from swimming pool to innovative incubator is a good example of circular thinking and doing.

With honest, open stories and real life examples of what works and what doesn’t,organizations and students are given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in sustainable entrepreneurship. To accomplish that, the tour goes beyond the common story about reuse. Visitors are also introduced to the development of new biobased materials, for example. This is the playing field of designers and entrepreneurs in the BlueCity Lab, located in the cellars of BlueCity. In this lab, the materials of the future are being developed with seaweed, fungi and bacteria.

In addition, the new tour also offers visitors the opportunity to visit the workshops and offices of entrepreneurs in the building. From algae growers to beer brewers, and from designers to consultants: they are all pioneers in the field of sustainability. Amongst others, brewery Vet &
Lazy, design agency BlueBlocks and architectural firm Superuse share their story – from circular product to business case

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