The port of Rotterdam is and will remain operational. Thanks to our #Portheroes. In this showcase we’re proud to show how, thanks to the boundless commitment of local company staff, our port can remain up and running.

Rotterdam’s Pilots

In this first instalment of the #Portheroes series, we show how Rotterdam’s pilots are working hard to keep everything ‘business as usual’ in the port.


The Shell factory in Pernis also continues to operate 24/7 during this crisis. Curious about the activities? Watch the video below.

HB Truckwash

Truck drivers are terribly important now, they keep our supermarkets in stock.’ Watch how HB Truckwash at truck parking Maasvlakte Plaza fights the virus with a new detergent to disinfect trucks.

ECT Rotterdam

‘This job is important. If the port shuts down, the whole country shuts down.’ Watch why ECT Rotterdam (Europe Container Terminals) employees cannot work from home and what measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Patrol Vessels

The RPA vessels are on the water for inspection and enforcement, also during these times. Watch the video and see how shipping masters do everything to work and keep the port safe.

Boluda Towage Europe

Boluda Towage Europe is proud to be able to continue their important work and play their part in the Port of Rotterdam.

Harbour Coordination Centre

At the Harbour Coordination Centre (HCC), colleagues of the Port of Rotterdam authority are present every day to continue the access policy and traffic planning. Operational Managers Martin de Jong and Roel van Eijk: ’Together with the nautical suppliers, we make sure that essential goods can enter and leave the port.’

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